Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nosferatu the Vampyre (Trailer) 1979


Jonathan Harker is sent away to Count Dracula's castle to sell him a house in Virna, where he lives. But Count Dracula is a vampire, an undead ghoule living of men's blood. Inspired by a photograph of Lucy Harker, Jonathan's wife, Dracula moves to Virna, bringing with him death and plague... An unusually contemplative version of Dracula, in which the vampire bears the cross of not being able to get old and die.

The Mountains set against the E-flat major triadic-drone of the Rheingold Prelude (beginning 2:22 minutes into the video). One of the magical moments in film. From Werner Herzog's Nosferatu (1979).

The Making of Nosferatu, the Vampyre 1979

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