Monday, March 14, 2011

Narcissistic Lovers: a brief excerpt

Cynthia Zayn and Kevin Dribble, authors of Narcissistic Lovers, compare narcissists to vampires in the following excerpt:

"Ns have been compared to vampires. This analogy makes a lot of sense when breaking down the characteristics of the disorder. The vampire is considered to be damned and cursed with his fate, just as the N is cursed with his disorder. Neither the vampire nor the N willingly chose his fate. The vampire uses people as tools and sources of supply to continue his existence…his constant, futile search for deliverance. The N used people as supply as well; he needs them to keep his “false self” alive while he continues his futile search for “ideal” love and deliverance of the disorder which enslaves him. 

The vampire cannot see his own image in a mirror and neither can the N . This is because the N has worked so hard to keep his real image hidden. He spent years trying to create and cultivate his “false” self’ he has pieced it together from bits of supply to which he was attracted. Therefore, when e glances into a mirror, he sees his supply staring back at him. He sees a cracked and plastered vision of several people, none of which are even remotely similar to the “vile and disgusting” real self he has carefully hidden. 

Vampires are considered “soulless”, doomed to roam the earth, snatching souls from innocent victims. Many people consider the N to be “soulless” because he seems to have no conscience or pity for his victims. Victims of N’s often say they feel as if their soul has been raped or even robbed by the N. 

Like the vampire, the N seems to roam the earth acting as a victim of his own disorder, gathering supply, almost unwillingly, as he searches for some sort of cure or deliverance. Destruction of the vampire comes about when he is exposed to the light, and the N will cease to exist when his “true” self is “brought to light.” 

~Excerpted from Narcissistic Lovers 

by Cynthia Zayn and Kevin Dibble (page 11)


Anonymous said...

That's an amazing article. I have written poems and letters about the similarities of the narcissist (mother, lover or whatever) and the vampire. My mother, first husband and last boyfriend were all blood suckers of one kind or another and I have too much experience with this type of disorder. I Thank God in Heaven that this time, God provided someone better mentally especially. Thank you very much for your article and website. It is very validating.

CZBZ said...

Thanks for commenting, anonymous!

I have loved vampire stories my entire life and only a few years ago, began to understood why.

I wish for you a full recovery with only faint marks of the vampire left behind. ha!