Monday, April 4, 2011

Return of Dracula...LOL!

Yea, as this movie proves: I'll watch anything with Dracula in the title. I was googling along, searching for a copy of The Return of Dracula (1958) and since it's impossible to find online, I was elated when this link showed up. However, it's not the original film I was looking for and it's not very nice to mislead people with the title, but I watched it anyway. It's kinda funny. Kinda clever. Kinda low-brow but at least the script didn’t include a fart scene. Gosh, I hate hearing vampires fart. 

This film is only eight minutes long and who doesn't have eight minutes to waste? At least you know I've seen it and still linked it to my blog. I don't link everything vampire on my blog. Well, almost everything, but not quite everything. 

Maybe a new category is necessary now? Lessee...something like: Pain in the Neck Movies. Or maybe: Make Vampire Movies on your Coffee Break 

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