Monday, June 27, 2011

Strigoi 2009

Wikipedia: "Strigoi is a 2009 British/Romanian comedy horror based on the Romanian mythology. The film is directed by Faye Jackson and stars Constantin Bărbulescu, Camelia Maxim, and Rudi Rosenfeld. The film involves vampires in Romania, which are referred to as "strigoi"." 

Wikipedia link: A strigoaică (singular feminine form) is a witch. Strigoi is different than a moroi. They are close relatives of the werewolves known as "pricolici" or "vârcolaci", the latter also meaning "goblin" at times. These names are derived from strigă, which in Romanian meant "scream" or "barn owl", cognate with Italian strega, which means "witch", and descended from the Latin word strix, for owl. Strigoi viu is a living vampiric witch. Strigoi mort is a dead (undead) vampire. They are most often associated with vampires or zombies. According to Romanian mythology a strigoi has red hair, blue eyes and two hearts. The strigoi can change into a variety of animals, such as barn owls, bats, rats, cats, wolves, dogs, snakes, toads, lizards, and spiders/insects. They also have the ability to render themselves invisble. They're also known to be capable of creating damaging storms, blights, droughts, floods and even poltergeist activity. The strigoi in some accounts is also capable of a form of astral projection appearing as shadows or ghosts."

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