Sunday, July 3, 2011

Frostbitten 2006

Wikipedia: Frostbite (Swedish title: Frostbiten) is a Swedish comedy horror film from 2006 directed by Anders Banke. 

As well as the horror theme, various parts also have pure humour elements, and it is considered a horror/comedy by some newspapers that rated it. The film takes place in a small town in northern Sweden during midwinter, making the environment perfect for vampires because there are no sun hours during the dark and cold Nordic winter days. The vampire infection is brought to the area by the sole survivor of a Scandinavian SS unit that was attacked by a female vampire in a peasant's hut in Ukraine, during World War Two. 

The infection then lies dormant until, many years later, the theft of mysterious red capsules from a local hospital and the ingestion of them by a group of teenagers at a party leads to an outbreak of delirious mayhem and bloodshed as the young party-goers are transformed into vampires."

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