Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blood Bath 1966

Wikipedia: "Blood Bath is a 1966 horror film directed by Jack Hill and Stephanie Rothman. William Campbell stars as an artist with vampiric tendencies who kills beautiful women and dumps their bodies into a vat of boiling wax in his studio. Also appearing in the cast in supporting roles are Linda Saunders, Merissa Mathes, Sid Haig, Jonathan Haze, and Patrick Magee."

"A fifth version of the film exists. Rothman’s Blood Bath ran 69 minutes, which was deemed too short for television showings. More new footage was added, including a six- minute sequence showing Linda Saunders dancing non-stop on the beach. The film was retitled Track of the Vampire, and it is this TV version that is the most commonly known of all five films today, available in a wide variety of “public domain” videotapes and DVDs."

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