Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cassie Banning: Vampire Hunter 2002

Steve the Vampire (24:10)

"The first ever "Stone Soup Films" project, "Steve the Vampire" (2002) pits Cassie Banning (Kristi Bruno) against the terrors of a vampire named, well, Steve (Christopher Brau). Raw, unrefined, but not without its charm, "Steve the Vampire" was shot in under 20 hours by a team that had literally no idea what they were doing. Enjoy!" ~Google Videos  

Pray for Daylight: Vampire Hunter (25:35)

Cassie Banning (Kristi Bruno), vampire hunter in Minneapolis, faces her old vampire adversary Eric Saveau (Rick Whitnable) with the help of Police Detective Aidan Garret (Trey Simmonds). But is she really fighting the good fight, or is she becoming the real monster? (Also known as "Pray for Daylight: Hunter, this sequel to 2002's "Steve the Vampire" continues the story of Vampire Hunter Cassie Banning and her sometime ally, the vampire Eric Saveau.)

Cassie Banning: Vampire Hunter

Cassie Banning (Kristi Bruno) didn't want to hunt vampires. When her family was murdered by one, though, she learned that she didn't have a choice. Cassie took the fight to them, and cleared Minneapolis of those who walked with the night. She became the thing that nightmares feared. Then, two years ago, she vanished. Now Cassie returns to a changed city. A new vampire master (Robin Marie Whitt) has wrested control from her sometime ally Eric Saveau (Rick Sullivan). Even her former partner (Trey Simmonds) hides from the creatures of the night. Can Cassie save her city? Or is she already too late?

Also known as "Pray for Daylight", this final episode in the "Cassie Banning: Vampire Hunter" series closes out the story started in "Steve the Vampire" and "Pray for Daylight: Vampire Hunter".

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(Cassie Banning: Vampire Hunter makes a guest appearance on "VampIre")


GeekGoddess said...

I fell into the trap of Googling myself and found your blog. It was wild to see that someone actually still posted our movies! Hope you had fun watching them!

Kristi Bruno
aka Cassie Banning

CZBZ said...

Cassie Banning? Is that really YOU? Well, it's certainly wild to hear from a vampire hunter but gosh, let me velcome you to my castle! I am a vampire hunter too...well, of sorts.

You see, "I was a normal person once. Married. Kids. The American Dream. Then one day a narcissist killed my entire family. He did apologize for my losses. As if that made a difference. So I decided to hunt them and I got good at it."


In all honesty Kristi, it was so exciting to read your comment that i had to grab my daughter and let her read it, too. And we, a mother-daughter-dynamic-duo, are thrilled to hear from you. We loved watching your vampire adventures and she wants some leather pants just like Cassie Bannings which you've probably heard your fans say a million times or more. I would like a strap-on gun which put a new twist on vampire hunting without the awkward burden of stakes, mallets, and holy water.

It looked like your crew was having fun making this film which made it even more fun for your viewers.

Thank you! And thank you for have seriously made my day, Cassie Banning Vampire Hunter!