Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Messiah of Evil 1973

"Messiah of Evil (later also shown under the title Dead People) is a film made in 1973 by Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz, the husband and wife team behind the film version of Howard the Duck as well as the screenplay for American Graffiti."

“Almost nothing in the entire plot is ever explained, but rather left to the viewer's interpretation. The movie's dream-like structure leads the viewer to question what is going on, and with each successive scene, the mystery becomes more obscure. For example, the symptoms that Arletty experiences at the end of the movie (the coldness, inability to feel pain, and bug crawling out of her mouth) seem to suggest that she has been dead for some time without being cognizant of it.” ~Wikipedia

From the movie: "They say that nightmares are dreams perverted. I told them here it wasn't a nightmare--but they don't believe me. They nod, and make little notes in my file...But there's so little time left! You've GOT to listen!

"They're coming here...they're waiting to pierce the city. They're peering around buildings at night, and they're waiting...They're waiting for you. And they'll take by one, and no one will hear you scream! NO ONE WILL HEAR YOU SCREAM!"

Full-length movie (1:29:50)

"A woman everyone thinks is crazy, who's gone through some horrific experience, and the fate of the world depends on her convincing the viewer to believe her incredible tale? THAT'S the way you should have opened the movie!" ~Movie Review, Mad Movies

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