Saturday, September 22, 2012

Apologies to Kostika Collaku (Dracula 1931)

I received a note from Kostika Collaku about the Dracula film posted on my blog. I had inadvertently failed to credit Kostika Collaku for writing the music for Dracula. This required some research on my part, the result of which explains a brief history of Dracula 1931.

The original film directed by Tod Browning and starring Bela Lugosi, did not have a musical score because of technical difficulties in film making during 1930-1931. I must have watched this film ten times, never realizing an original soundtrack had been added in 1999, after commissioning Philip Glass to compose a musical score played by the Kronos Quartet.

In 2009, Kostika Collaku 'rescored' Dracula 1931 as an exam for his music college. He writes on his website: "I tried to modernize the mood of the film beginning from a new musical point...I didn't want to compose a classic soundtrack with that "horror'' feeling. I found Dracula more romantic than a horrifying creature that drinks blood. When I was composing, in my mind was the new generation of people and how they watch the film. I was trying to fill the "distance" between the two generations and the next ones.''~excerpted from Kostika Collaku's website

To watch other YouTube videos, visit Kostika Collaku's YouTube Channel. You can also listen to the soundtrack composed by Collaku on YouTube. It is beautiful! 

Sincere apologies to Kostika Collaku. 
Thank you for bringing this oversight to my attention!


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He is a great composer!