Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Vampire's Bite: Victims of Narcissists Speak Out

"...Focusing on the narcissist’s insatiable appetite for attention and admiration, narcissistic supply (NS) refers to anything in the environment that feeds the narcissist’s hunger to feel superior to others. And probably the most commonly used NS in the narcissist’s arsenal is their typically co-dependent, enmeshed, self-sacrificial partner. It’s no wonder that these routinely manipulated individuals describe themselves as “bled” or “sucked dry” by the self-absorbed narcissist, who initially so convincingly attached him/herself to them.

So, once narcissists have secured the relationship with their significant other, what invariably surfaces is their incessant drive to denigrate them, to assert superiority over them. As treasured as they may get their prospective spouse to feel prior to getting their commitment, that’s how devalued they make them feel once winning them over. This is a central theme in the testimony of so many disenchanted individuals who become the primary NS for their narcissistic partners—a subservient, demeaning role they never realized they’d signed up for..." ~Link to article on PsychologyToday


Anonymous said...

For the others...

My Beloved Vampire

He beckoned me for the first time as if he could sense my wounds.
He wooed me from outside through doors intended to keep pain out.
I let him in. Our seduction was complete. His first bite came swiftly and passionately.
Early days of his poison penetrated deep, drug-like, death disguised as euphoric love.
Days wore to years and I grow weak from sourcing his constant feedings.
My lifeblood ebbs away as he gloats his disdain for my weariness.
I am at fault for having no more blood to give. I am dying, drained by my beloved.
While I lay dying he hunts again. I am worthless, abandon, and invisible.
In my last breaths of sanity, I cry, he hunts again. (LRR, 2014).

Sarita Evans said...

I feel your words so deeply, well said.